Prolonging Your Mascot’s Lifespan

We want your mascot to live a long and happy life — and we know you do too! Ensuring that your costume stands the test of time is relatively easy if you avoid a few “don’ts” and apply a few smart cleaning, maintenance, and storage “dos”. Keep reading for some easy and effective ways to prolong your mascot’s lifespan.

    1. Store your costume in a clean, dry area that is not subject to temperature extremes.
    2. Use a desiccant to absorb moisture if storing the costume in a humid area.
    3. Air-dry your costume before storing; this will keep it smelling fresher, even if you don’t clean it after every use. Ideally your costume should be stored hanging up, but if this is not convenient you can store it in an open bag. Proper airflow is essential to avoiding the development of mildew.
    4. When lifting the head, use both hands to lift the head and don’t lift by the ears, horns or whiskers.
    5. DO NOT DRY-CLEAN YOUR COSTUME. Harsh dry-cleaning chemicals can whither and damage faux furs and foams and they cannot be repaired.
    6. Have your costume professionally deep clean annually — the invested effort of sending it in will pay off in years of added use.
    7. Machine wash your costume on the cold setting and hang to dry. Do not put your costume in the dryer.
    8. Refer to your mascot manual for information on cleaning. If you lost it, simply let us know and we’ll be happy to send you a new one!
    9. If the helmet or any other component of the costume becomes mouldy, deal with it immediately.
    10. If your costume is damaged or some other issue arises, have it looked at right away. Most problems will worsen over time.
    11. Take the time to learn how to properly put on your mascot’s shoes. In most cases, you insert your own shoe into the mascot foot, attach the Velcro strap, then insert your foot (slip on shoes work well). Don’t pull on the fabric of the shoe. Putting on your shoes properly will dramatically lengthen their lifespan.
    12. Keep your mascot away from pets! Mascot heads and tails can look like a chew toy to your other furry friend.
    13. Do not transport markers (especially Sharpies) or food in the mascot carrying bag. Markers can stain, and food can stain — and rot!
    14. When in costume, be aware of your space. Avoid cigarettes, chewing gum, fire, candle wax, space heaters, or other hazards that could harm you or your costume. Ensure your character has a chaperone or handler. A handler should keep an eye out for any obstacles introduced into your space and will deter would-be pranksters (an all-too-common problem!).
    15. Carefully read the manual in its entirety! This will give you have a good concept of care, maintenance, cleaning, and storage.


Or you could simply never use your costume — we don’t endorse this “tip” though!