Branding on Your Mascot: Logo Basics

Adding a logo to your mascot is always an excellent idea for brand recognition and promotion but, it’s important to understand the different options and the requirements and even [...]

The Inside Scoop on Heads

Like people, all mascots are different from each other.  And because they’re different, they need different structures inside.  Some would tell you that their method is the right [...]

Clean Your Mascot Head

Feeling lost when it comes to cleaning your mascot? Sometimes a video is better than reading.  Let Melissa from our Cleaning and Maintenance Team show you the way!  This is the first in a series [...]

Prolonging Your Mascot’s Lifespan

We want your mascot to live a long and happy life — and we know you do too! Ensuring that your costume stands the test of time is relatively easy if you avoid a few “don’ts” and apply [...]

Troubleshooting Your Mascot Fan

Are you a fan of fans? We know we are. No one likes breathing in stale air, especially when they’re wearing a giant dog head… outside….during the hottest day of the summer. This [...]

Packing a Mascot Like a Pro

Learning how to properly pack a mascot can actually save you a lot of money. We’ve piqued your interest now, haven’t we? Packing your mascot the right way can save you transportation costs, save [...]

Staying Cool in your Mascot

Let’s face the facts here, folks…. High performance mascots are more likely to get sweaty, that’s just basic biology. On top of ensuring basic performer hygiene (no need to be polite here: [...]