Mascot Walkabout

Walkabout & Athletic Mascots

Whether meeting children or whipping up excitement with the fans, these versatile walkabout mascots act out the spirit of your company, school or sports team. They connect with people in an immediate, fun way.

Mascot Shape

Shape Mascots

Shape mascots costumes have impact. See your character or brand come to life as they welcome clients and grab attention. They are engaging, memorable and people love to take photos with them.


Sponsor / Running Mascots

Crazy, zany and fun, racing mascots are pure entertainment. These crowd pleasers are built for running and slap stick antics during half time breaks. They are a great addition to any sports event or community gathering.

Build Your
Custom Mascot

We build your custom-made mascot to your individual specifications so as to meet your unique needs.

Your mascot can be completely original or painstakingly replicated from a previous design.  Each mascot is handmade by our team of highly experienced artisans in our studio.  All of our creations – whether they be sports team, school or company mascots – are crafted by full-time employees who strive to exceed our established meticulous standards and expectations.  Over the course of three decades creating custom mascot costumes we have developed a streamlined, efficient production process.

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Mascot Marketing

Marketing with a mascot

A mascot just might be one of the best investments you could make for your corporate or team image.

Husky Mascot

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