JP, a Custom Marshmallow Mascot

Making a custom marshmallow mascot was one of our most rewarding jobs (and not just because we were sent samples).  Our client, Alejandra, Founder of The Marshmallow Studio and Social Media [...]

Mascot Showcase: Doxi the Trilobite

How in the world does one turn a prehistoric bug into an adorable and approachable mascot that does not scare children? This is an excellent question, and one that we were faced with several [...]


Looking for a mascot but can’t quite afford one? A little bit of creative problem solving can make all the difference in overcoming this particular obstacle. In this article we take a look [...]

Mascots That Educate

The best way to learn is by doing…. We’ve all heard that one before. We’d like to add to that sentiment, however, by insisting that the best way of learning is by doing [...]

Interview With an Artist

Ever wonder what happened to that kid in school who used to doodle all day long?  If they’re lucky, then they may have found their way into a job where their artistic talents can truly [...]