I got caught in the rain with my mascot, what should I do?

Get to a dry area when you can!  While most mascots will hold up well in the rain, torrential downpours make vision quite difficult. In any case, when you are finished use a towel to sop up some of the immediate wetness and then hang the costume to fully dry. If you are travelling, be sure to remove the costume from your travel bag and hang it back up quickly allowing it to dry… leaving a costume wet inside a bag will develop mildew. Same goes for a sweaty costume – they need to be dried before being stored. Don’t forget to check your shoes and leg bottoms for mud stains. If you clean them now, you are less likely to have permanent dirt stains.

If you find you are always out in the rain & mud it might be an idea to periodically treat your clean & dry shoes with something like Scotchgard (following directions and doing a test first, of course).