Brand Mascots

When a brand trusts Sugar’s Mascots to bring their unique mascot to life it can be a bit like meeting a celebrity! The mascot is already a fully realized copyrighted concept, and has often been out in the world engaging with the public through print and video media — our job is to create a physical version that can interact with the public in real life! Sugar’s will work with you to design a mascot that is comfortable and practical for the performer, while being instantly recognizable as your iconic character. Having your well-known, trustworthy character giving out hugs and high fives is an incredibly memorable way for your mascot to interact with potential customers, build brand awareness, and can even boost employee morale!

Initial sketch and final mascot of Slurpee for 7-Eleven

Initial sketch and final mascot of King for Burger King Redberry Restaurants


Domino’s (CDA Pizza Inc.) – Pizza Girl

Sid Lee – Pil the Bunny

Marshmallow Studio – JP


Sugar’s Mascot Costumes has 35+ years making custom school mascots. We can get started with anything from a vague idea, to a mood board with photos from the Internet, to a fully realized concept. We’re looking forward to bringing our unparalleled experience to the design and construction of your mascot.

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