Build your Mascot

We produce custom mascot costumes with personal attention to detail backed by decades of experience.  We never pass up an opportunity to innovate, with the result that our methods have become an industry standard.

Each character mascot brings about something new and always receives the personal attention of all team members involved, including management, account manager, artisans, and shipping personnel.  We understand the importance of bringing a fresh outlook to the creation of every mascot design, whether it’s a custom college mascot or a company mascot for your franchise.  At Sugar’s Mascot Costumes we always consider durability, longevity, safety, comfort and manageability!  While the majority of our custom mascot costumes are constructed with basic components such as a head, body, feet and hands, many are not.  Mascots can also be large objects, such as recycling containers, bricks, eggs, bubble gum or a huge droplet of water.  Regardless of the design, each mascot costume is treated uniquely.

Famous Dave’s – Wilbur low rez

There are many considerations in designing the right custom mascot. Having an understanding of your choices is the first step to obtaining the right mascot for you. Proportions, dexterity, image design, performer experience and even location can play a key role in making decisions about your custom made mascot. The links below will provide some helpful ideas about things to consider before creating your mascot, including the differences between styles and features. Keep in mind that this is your custom made mascot, so you can blend your desired features and design ideas to come up with a unique character that you will love!

Miami University Middletown – Flash the Thunderhawk

Walkabout & Athletic Mascots

Whether meeting children or whipping up excitement with the fans, these versatile walkabout mascots act out the spirit of your company, school or sports team. They connect with people in an immediate, fun way.

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Natural Factors- Appetite low rez

Shape Mascots

Shape mascots have impact. See your character or brand come to life as they welcome clients and grab attention. They are an engaging and memorable and people love to take photos with them. Get your message across in a very fun and visual way.

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Sponsor or Running Mascots

Crazy, zany and fun, racing mascots are pure entertainment. These crowd pleasers are built for running and slap stick antics during half time breaks. They are a great addition to any sports event or community gathering.

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process of artwork
How we Work

Getting Started

It is not just the attention to detail which give our character mascots’ heart; it’s also that twinkle in the eye and saucy grin which turn a Sugar’s mascot into a crowd-pleasing, huggable mascot costume.

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Production Process

We understand the importance of approaching a mascot design with a completely fresh outlook… your outlook!   At Sugar’s Mascot Costumes we always consider durability, longevity, safety, comfort, and manageability when producing our mascots.

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Sugar’s Mascot Costumes has been making mascots with heart since 1985! If you are interested in having us create a custom mascot for your company or would like information about cleaning & repairs, please complete the following form or contact us in person or by phone.

  • Everyone who sees Mikey is instantly happy and delighted. People in cars passing by are shouting, waving and blowing the car horns. We are planning on an official arrival event for Mikey next week at the corner park where our sign is located . We hope to get coverage by out local papers. Thank you for producing Mikey for us.

    William Mills Main Street Dartmouth and Area B.I.A.
  • She looks WONDERFUL!  We're delighted to have her here and look forward to using her frequently.  Thank-you so much for your patience and your feedback - it was a pleasure to work with you and your staff.  Have a wonderful week and I'll be sure to say nothing but GREAT things about you guys.

    Dan Bartolucci Marymount Academy
  • Just a note to let you know that the mascot has been extremely well received. The kids love him and he can hardly walk for all the kids around him - kind of reminiscent of peter piper! We are learning a lot about crowd control and have a designated handler for him so he can make his way through the crowds. Omingmak is getting lots of hugs and making everyone smile. Thanks so much - he will be a big part of our annual Frolics.

    Brenda Mercer The Hamlet of Cambridge Bay
  • I just wanted to let you know that the Bull arrived today!!! You can't imagine how exited we all are and I wanted to thank you for such a responsible, amiable and excellent job you guys did … thanks for being so kind and so into our mascot and taking so much care of us as customers. Be sure that we will recommend you with our eyes closed and we will always take you in account in any further mascot character.Once again thank you and your crew so, so much and we are extremely happy, it is beyond what we expected.

    Pedro Londoño Collegio Granandino
  • The costume handled very well at the game. This being the longest I've had it on since a video shoot we shot about two weeks earlier, I found it quite comfortable and a lot more expressive than our old suit. I've noticed that the fans seem to react a lot better to this costume as well. Their excitement level has really shot up.Thanks for crafting our new costume. I feel like a whole new bird, so to speak!

    Nick Hadad Rochester Knighthawks
  • You created an absolute masterpiece.  In fact, I will go on record to say this is one of the best looking mascot costumes I have seen in my 23 years of sports management.

    Jim Loria Sioux Falls Stampede Hockey Club
  • Falco was "born" today. A huge success, the kids love him.Our idea was that Falco would start shaky on skates and improve during the match. From next homegame he will pick up the speed since he is then a week old and has "practised" the whole week.Thank you again. It's been great working with you.

    Georg Lund Stjernen Hockey
  • I have met Elliott (the beaver) during the 10th year party that was held on September 9th and I can confirm that parents and students were quite impressed by Elliott. Your team did a great job!Please thank all your team members.

    Carole Gauthier École élémentaire catholique Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau
  • I would like to thank everyone who worked on our wonderful Mascot. He was a HUGE hit at our tournament. He brought an air of fun and celebration to our event. Huge smiles, hugs and high fives were shared, pictures were taken and memories made! Visiting teams were so impressed, they will remember our little town forever... We will definitely recommend Sugars Mascot's to anyone who asks...Thank you again for everything!

    Tawnya Dooper Winfield Minor Hockey Association
  • Trax is going over better than we could have ever hoped for. We have had nothing, but positive responses at all of our events! We had 7 appearances in May alone. Wherever we go we are hearing “look its Trax” not “look it’s the rail runner”.  We are actually starting to get requests from the public to attend their events. Again, a special thanks to you and everyone at Sugars who brought our vision to life.

    Brandon MacEachen New Mexico Rail Runner